In 2015, SHG FINANCE PLC. is being put on a sound organizational footing for the long term by setting it up as a distinct organization within CRDT. SHG FINANCE PLC. is now owned and accountable to CRDT, HiH and CRDT’s staff, under a Memorandum of Understanding between these three parties signed in March 2015. SHG FINANCE PLC.’s structure is being developed to ensure good governance, accountability and transparency.

SHG FINANCE PLC. is a CRDT Social Enterprise. SHG FINANCE PLC. and CRDT’s Livelihoods Program together provide integrated services to beneficiaries under the CRDT Implementation Strategy. SHG FINANCE PLC. receives administrative support from CRDT and operates under the umbrella of its policies except where special arrangements are made for SHG FINANCE PLC. The General Manager, SHG FINANCE PLC. reports on a day-to-day basis to the Executive Director of CRDT, who in turn acts on behalf of the Board of Directors of SHG FINANCE PLC. The General Manager of SHG FINANCE PLC. is a member of the CRDT Management Team and the CRDT Social Enterprises Executive Committee.

3 Levels of Governing Authority


Mr. Mao Savin

Chairman – Representing Staff Investment Fund

Mr. Mao Savin is the Chairman of the board of SHG Finance Plc. He has 17 years of experience in finance and management. He has a Master in Business from Charles Stuart University, Australia. He is currently a Senior Investment Manager at Emerging Market Investments and is a founding member of CRDT and SHG Finance Plc.

Dr. Kalpana Sankar

Independent Director – Representing HiH Cambodia

Dr Kalpana Sankar has specialized in participatory assessment, gender differentiated impact as well as in monitoring tools and indicators. She has been involved in the women’s self-help group movement in Tamil Nadu for the last 20 years. She is a double doctorate in Physical Sciences and in Women’s Studies and Self-Help Groups. She is currently a Chairperson and Managing Trustee of Hand In Hand India.

Dr. Madhu Sharan

(Independent Director) – (Representing HiH Cambodia)

Dr Madhu Sharan is a Livelihoods and Gender Specialist with over 15 years of extensive experience in field research and global work experience in promoting economic empowerment of women and inclusive growth of societies. She is a Sociologist, having completed her graduation from Delhi University and her post- graduation, M Phil and PhD from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi in India.

J Suresh Rajkumar

Director - Representing HiH Cambodia

Mr. J Suresh Rajkumar has over 20 years of experience in micro-finance management, accounts & auditing, and project monitoring development and training programs within various government institutions and trusts at local and international level. He holds a post graduate degree in commerce from Madras University and a post graduate diploma in Marketing Management. He is the Chief General Manager Administration with Hand in Hand India.

Dr N.Jeyaseelan

Non-voting member - HiH Chief Executive Officer

With over two decades of experience in rural banking, Dr. N. Jeyaseelan has piloted several microfinance initiatives in the banking sector, including the Indian Bank’s Special Unit for Microfinance Project. A PhD in Microfinance, he has done several assignments in self-help groups, microfinance and micro insurance programmes across several countries. He has served as consultant to the UNDP, UNOPS, GIZ, IFAD, Agricultural Finance Corporation, Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women Ltd, and Water Partner International (USA).

Dr N.Jeyaseelan

Independent Director - Representing CRDT

Marc currently serves as Senior Vice President at Aeris Insight Inc and has two decades of experience in the impact investing, development finance and NGO sectors in the US and Cambodian markets.

Mr. Or Channy

Director - Representing CRDT

Mr. Or Channy has over 15 years of experience in poverty reduction and seeking to protect Cambodia from environmental degradation. He has a Master Degree in Environmental Management and Development from the Australian National University (ANU) in Australia. And he also has a Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management from Lille 1 University, France. He is the Executive Director and one of the founding members of CRDT.