About Us


our values

Rural and urban poor communities are empowered to access viable financial services for sustainable economic development, financial security, living with dignity and a clean environment.

our mission

To create social equity and mutual assistance to mobilize and promote savings, which provides self-sustaining viable credit services for communities through the formation of self-help groups, while providing capacity building and development for small and medium sized enterprises.

our values

OpennessOpen access for all community members in rural and urban areas to obtain financial and job creation solutions and services.
Solidarity: Communities know how to create reciprocal relationships through saving money and applying for credit services.
Integrity: Providing financial and capacity-building services to communities to enhance their skills for implementing business-oriented approaches with cost-effective methods.
Transparency: Communities oversee policies by applying a democratic approach while providing complete and accurate information about the products to their members.
Autonomy: Mobilize savings as capital to provide credit services back to members.
Proximity: Living & working locally in the target villages to build relationships with communities.